Saturday, 26 May 2018

The Fake World Tournament IV

Its that time again- its the latest annual MUGEN AI tournament! The Fake World Tournament returns again with a bigger presentation than ever with full 1080 60FPS match footage and animated segues between fights and the possibility of a separate commentary stream.

The rules are the same as ever- 16 teams of 4 characters in a traditional ladder format. Each round is determined from 2 out of 3 matches.

To compete, please complete the following form:

Team name
Your credited name (what you want to go by)
Character 1
Character 2
Character 3
Character 4

You can share the form with me through discord, tumblr, steam or even as a comment on this article.

As usual, the roster has had a number of additions. Remember, you don't have to be knowledgeable about MUGEN to make a team- you just need to choose 4 characters you like.

Abobo by (^o^)
Abubo by Ryo 2005 + Ns
Adelheid by Beppu
Adler Und E-soldat by Kamekaze
Adon by (^o^)
Ai by Hanyu-maru
Akari by Websta
Akebono by the Magic Toaster
Akira by Ghost Killer
Albiole by Drkelexo
Alcott by Kamekaze
Alessi by Hh
Alex by Gm
Alexey Zalazof by (^o^)
Alex_a by Felicity
Alfred by Tora
Alice by Nhk
Alsion3rd by Shimon
Alter Amiba by Melvanainchains + The_none
Amakusa by Misao
Amano by Abuhachi
Amingo by Kamekaze
Anakaris by Hsiehtm
Ananzi by Andres Borghi
Andrew by Ohgaki
Android 18 by G.knux19
Andy Bogard by Tora
Andy by Ikaruga
Andy by Infinite
Angela Belti by Drkelexo
Angus by The_none
Animus by Andres Borghi
Anonym by Ns
Another Kyo by Mouser && Byakko
Anthony Hawk by (^o^)
Aquaman by Kamekaze
Aragorn by the Magic Toaster
Arashi by Ali
Arina by Nhk
Armgon by Kamekaze
Ash by Chazzanova & Quickfist
Ash by Ikaruga
Ash by Tonyadv, the Pizzaman, Mr.chainsaw & Vegetto
Aska by Kamekaze
Asuka(tmnt)_remix by (^o^)
Asuras by Simotsuki
Athena by Warusaki3
Avdul by Nimame
Axel by Dick Buckus
Axel Hawk by Darkside Joe
Axl by Muteki
B.jenet by Infinite
B.orchid by Ahrimanes
Babidi Z2 by Balthazar, Daeron & Xgargoyle
Baby Bonnie Hood by Baby Bonnie Hood
Bai-hu by (^o^)
Baldhead by Bad Darkness
Balrog by Kamekaze
Balrog by Omegapsycho
Baraka by Omegapsycho-mk
Batman by Alucard
Batman by Kamekaze
Batsu by R@ce Akir@
Beavis by The_none
Belmont Trusdale by Kamekaze
Benimaru by Warusaki3
Benimaru Nikaido by Deuce
Bern & Lambda by Hanyu-maru
Big Bear by (^o^)
Billy by Ikaruga
Billy Kane by Infinite
Billy Lee by (^o^)
Billy Two Moons by Melvanainchains
Birdie by (^o^)
Bishamon by E-fry
Bison Trooper X by the Magic Toaster
Black Glass by Exclamation_question
Black Glass by Melvanainchains
Black Polnareff by Warusaki3
Black Widow by (^o^)
Blair by Dampir
Blanka by (^o^)
Blanka by Masa
Blizzard by The_none
Blodia by Gm
Blue Mary by Tora
Bobby by Neat Unsou
Boggy by Mass
Bomberman by Gladiacloud
Bonus by Masa
Boomy by Melvanainchains
Bootleg Ryu by Drkelexo
Boss by Amarimono
Boss Sagat by Kamekaze
Brain_battler by Felicity
Briaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan by Ahuron
Brocken by Gm
Bubblun by Gladiacloud
Buguu by Masukenpu-kun
Bunny Marry by Ns
Burnie by (^o^)
Burnov by (^o^)
Bushou by (^o^)
Butt-head by The_none
By Omegapsycho-mksecret
C.dome by Kamekaze
C.kidd by Darkside Joe
Cable by Infinite
Caligula by Kamekaze
Cammy by Phantom.of.the.server by Ngi
Captain Atlantis by (^o^)
Captain Commando by Splode
Captain Sawada by Ns
Captain_heart by Felicity
Carlos by Ns
Carol by Veanko
Cell by Kamekaze
Chaka by Nimame
Chang by Ahuron
Charlce by the Magic Toaster & Ryoucchi
Charles by Masukenpu-kunz
Charlie by Phantom.of.the.server
Charlotte by Misao
Cheng by Krunkest404
Cheng_fu by (^o^)
Chili N Pepper by The_none
Chinnen by Wara
Chizuru Kagura by Sander71113
Chris=wayne by Mass
Chris by Ahuron
Chronos by Aokmaniac13
Chun-li by Jmorphman
Chun Li by Conversion World - J.lee
Chun Li by Kaz
Clark by Ikaruga
Claus by (^o^)
Cloud by Rikard
Cody by Cannon Musume
Cody_a by Felicity
Colossus_a by Felicity
Condor by Kamekaze
Condor Heads by (^o^)
Cool by Mass
Corpse by Ahuron
Cpt. Falcon by Kamekaze
Crow by Ikaruga
Cyber Akuma by Mystikblaze
Cyborg T-8p by The_none
Cyborg_d-9f by (^o^)
Cycloid Omega by Ahuron
Cycloid Sigma by Ahuron
Cyclops by Kaz
Cyclops by  Loganir & Verz36
Daimon by Sander71113
Dan by (^o^)
Dan by Kamekaze
Dan by Phantom.of.the.server
Dan by Warusaki3
Dandy J by Nhk
Dan Hibiki by Smoke
Dante by Bugya
Dao-long by (^o^)
Dark Chun-li by Big Eli King
Death Adder by Mike Obrecht
Deathmask by Drkelexo
Dee Bee Kaw by The_none
Deejay by (^o^)
Dee Jay by N64mario
Deke Cay by the Magic Toaster
Demitri by Vanity13
Demitri Maximoff by (^o^)
Devo by Nimame
Dhalsim by 3ha
Dhalsim by Gal129
Dhalsim by Masa
Dhalsim_a by Felicity
Diavolo by Amarimono
Diba by Melvanainchains
Dio by Warusaki3
Dirtyfat by Ngi
Donatello by Dcat Power
Donkey Kong by Exclamation_question
Donovan by Zelgadis296
Doppo Orochi by Tokage
Dormammu by Gladiacloud, Delusiontrim & Shinzankuro
Dougster by (^o^)
Dr.doom by Infinite
Dragon Claw by Reu
Dream Bison by Cannon Musume
Drew by (^o^)
Duck Hunt Dog by Dj Hannibalroyce
Duck King by Tora
Dudley by Kamekaze
Duke by (^o^)
Duke by Miyaji
Duo Lon by Chazzanova
Dynamite Headdy by Roysquadrocks by Omegapsycho
E. Honda by Phantom.of.the.server
Eagle by Byakko
Earl by Roysquadrocks
Earthquake Svc by Actjapan
Earthworm Jim by Drkelexo
Ebe by Masukenpu-kunz
Eddie by Muteki
Egith by Mass
Eiji by Ikaruga
Eins by Dick Buckus
Electro by  Loganir & Verz36
Elena by Umihei
Ella by Aiduzzi
Eric Windsor by Daraku
Ermac by Omegapsycho-mk
Evil Dan by Ilcane87
Evil Ken by Reu
Evil Kung Fu Man Mkii by The_none
Evilmiopinja by Ngi
Evil Ryu by Reu and Kingtigre
Ex Rugal by Kamekaze
Fakir by The_none
Fallen Balrog by Cannon Musume
Fang by (^o^)
Fangore by The_none
Faust by Muteki
Fefnir by Masukenpu-kun
Feilong by (^o^)
Felicia by Misao
Final by Andres Borghi
Firebrand by Hh
Footee by Nhk
Franco Bash by Tora
Frank West by Kamekaze
Freeman by Ikaruga
Freeman by Kasumi1030
Freeza Z2 by Balthazar & Cybaster
Frodo by the Magic Toaster
Fugo by Amarimono
Fungi by Masukenpu-kunz
Fuuma by Mouser
G3-x by Miyaji
Gajet by (^o^)
Galford by Nrf
Gambit by Dick Buckus
Ganjou Dan by (^o^)
Gardener by the Magic Toaster
Garuda by Deman
Gato by Gm
Geese by Ikaruga
Geese by Phantom.of.the.server
Geese by Warusaki3
Geese Howard by Tora
Gen by (^o^)
Genjuro by Capuchino
Genkai by Masa
Genteki Dan by (^o^)
Gen_an by Kusaremiyabi
Ghetto Warmachine by One Winged Angel / Melvanainchains + The_none
Ghiaccio by Amarimono
Ghost Kick by Dick Buckus
Giano by Aiduzzi
Giant by Yumehiko
Gill by Gm
Gillius by Binho
Giorno Giovanna(amaai) by Amarimono
Glacius by The_none
Gliformoth by Ankokunaitou
Goblin by Ikaruga
God-o-mite by the Magic Toaster
Goenitz by Syu Takazaki
Gohan Z2 by Balthazar & Cybaster
Goku Z2 by Balthazar & Cybaster
Goldrush by Masa00341
Gong by Ns
Goodman by Websta
Gorilla by Masukenpu-kun
Gorimaru Jr by Ahuron
Goro by Omegapsycho-mkboss
Gouken by Infinite
Gouki by Jessica Smoke
Gozu by Ironjw
Grant by M.m.r.
Green Arrow by Kamekaze
Grim Reaper by the Disciple X
Guerrilla by Masukenpu-kun
Guile by Kamekaze
Guile by Mauteck & Jessica Smoke
Guy by Phantom.of.the.server
H.h. Harn by Melvanainchains
Halforc by Drkelexo
Han by Ikaruga
Hannah Dundee by Alexei Roschak
Hanzo by (^o^)
Hanzo by Mouser
Hanzou Hattori by Nrf
Haohmaru by Capuchino
Haohmaru by Ikaruga
Haohmaru by Z Sabre User
Harima by (^o^)
Harry by Ns
Hashi by Andres Borghi
Hasshie by Masukenpu-kunz
Hawk by Mass
Hawk_mina by Felicity
Hayato by Felicity
Heavy D! by Ahuron
Heidern by Ikaruga
Hero M by the Magic Toaster
Hiei by Kamekaze
Hinako by Ryo 2005
Hinata Wakaba by Li_kun & Fervicante
Hiryu by Mass
Hokuto by Deman
Hol 'butt King' Funtimes by Drkelexo
Holhorse by Ouchi
Hol Horse by Y.y
Hon-fu by Mouser
Hopper by Cannon Musume
Hotaru by Gm
Houki Gonjou by the Magic Toaster
Hsien-ko by Phantom.of.the.server
Hugo by Gm
Hulk by Kamekaze
Hwa Jai by Ahuron
I-no by Muteki
Ibuki by Gm
Iceman by Splode
Ickybod Clay by Lordshade67
Iggy by Gal129
Imouto by Ns
Influenza by the Magic Toaster
Ingrid by Crazykoopa
Ingrid by Warusaki3
International Karateka by The_none
Iori by Hh
Iori by Ikaruga
Ioro by Error Macro (emw)
Ironfist by Ahuron
Ironman by Magus
Ivan Ooze by O Ilusionista
Iyo by (^o^)
J.p.polnareff by Nimame
Ja-koh by Mass
Jack by Ns
Jack Dawson by Exclamation_question
Jackie Chan by Mass
Jade by Omegapsycho-mk
Jagi by Drowin Hokuto
Jamm by Mass
Jax by Omegapsycho-mk
Jean Pierre by Adamskie
Jean_pau by (^o^)
Jedah by Deuce
Jesse by The_none
Jhun by David Demianoff
Jill by Seanaltly+divinewolf
Jimmy by Ryo 2005
Jin Bros by Nrf
Jin Kazama by Byakko
Jin Saotome by Hsiehtm
Jin Saotome by Yamori X
Joe Higashi by Byakko
Joe Higashi by Ohgaki
John Anderson by (^o^)
John by Ikaruga
Johnny by Muteki
Johnny by Shimon
Johnny Cage Mk1 by Omegapsycho-mk
Johnny Cage Mk2 by Omegapsycho-mk
Joker by Ngi
Jonathanasb by Amarimono
Jon Talbain by Splode
Joseph by Nimame
Joseph Joestar by Y.y
Josuke by 280†
Jotaro by Warusaki3
Jubei Yamada by Gal129
Judy by Ngi
Juggernaut by Splode
Juni by Warusaki3
Justice by Muteki
Jyubei Yagyu by Nrf
Jyuzumaru by Ikaruga
K' by Ikaruga
K9999 by Silencer & Orochikof97
Kaede by Websta
Kaf Ka by The_none
Kagemaru by Masukenpu-kun
Kain by Infinite
Kairi by Mr.karate and Gustavo C. Moraes
Kakyoin Noriaki by Nimame
Kamaitachi by D, the Red Cloak
Kamui by (^o^)
Kanae by Aokmaniac13
Kangaru by Masukenpu-kun
Kanji by Silencer
Kano by Omegapsycho-mk
Karin by Phantom.of.the.server
Karla by Mass
Karman-cole by Mass
Karnov by Adamskie
Kasumi by Ikaruga
Kasumi by Koopakoot
Kawajirikosaku by ‚ ‚ü‚è‚à‚ì
Kazu by The_none
Kei by Rikard
Ken 3rd S.g.m. by Renzoku
Ken by Gm
Ken by Kamekaze
Ken by Phantom.of.the.server&jmorphman
Ken Masters by J.smoke
Kenshiro by Drowin Hokuto
Kensou by Syu Takazaki
Kensuke Kudou by (^o^)
Khameleon by Omegapsycho-mk
Khriz by Ikaruga
Kiba Daioh by the Magic Toaster
Kimala the Bouncer by (^o^)
Kimberly by Rikard
Kim by Ikaruga
Kim Kaphwan by Jmorphman
Kim Kaphwan by Tora
King by Ns
King Lion by Websta
Kinniku Suguru by (^o^)
Kintaro by Omegapsycho-mkboss
Kiriko by Nhk
Kisarah by Mouser
Kitana by Omegapsycho-mk
Kiyoko by Ns
Knuckles by Veanko
Kokesz by Adamlexus
Kou by Ikaruga
Kousonsyou by (^o^)
Krang by Dcat Power
Krauser by Ikaruga
Krauser by Infinite
Krizalid by Nyankoro
Kuando by Aiduzzi
Kula by Beppu
Kung Fu Man by N64mario
Kung Fun Man by Melvanainchains
Kung Lao by Omegapsycho-mk
Kunio by Masa
Kunoichi by D, the Red Cloak
Kurama by Kamekaze
Kuroko by Warusaki3
Kusanagi by David Demianoff
Kusanagi by Ikaruga
Kusaregedo by Hh
Kuwabara by Kamekaze
Ky by Muteki
Kyo by Ikaruga
Kyo by Sander71113
Kyosuke by Kamekaze
Kyosuke Shigure by (^o^)
Kyoushirou Senryou by Nrf
Laurence by Tora
Lee by Hanyu-maru
Leo Bradlay by (^o^)
Leo by Gal129
Leona by Ehnyd
Leonardo by Dcat Power
Leone Abbacchio by Amarimono
Licht by Masukenpu-kunx
Lihua by Seki-rou
Lilith by Misao
Lin by Ryo 2005
Lio Convoy by (^o^)
Lipsyncher by Darkside Joe
Lisa_lisa by Heal the World
Liu-kang Mk1 by Omegapsycho-mk
Liu-kang Mk2 by Omegapsycho-mk
Lord Beerus by Rahlonnir
Lord Zedd by Demonlord of T.m.l.
Lucia Fernandez by & Fervicante
Lucky 71113 by Sander71113
Lucky by Ns
Lucky Colt by (^o^)
Luke Skywalker by Dj Hannibalroyce
Lynn by Ikaruga
M.bison by N-mario
M.bison by Omegapsycho-mk
M.bison by Phantom.of.the.server
M.bison Sf2ww by N64mario84
Magaki by Jin
Magic Geese by The_none
Magneto by Nobuyuki
Mahael by Shimon
Mai-ling by Kojirobadness
Major Dutch by (^o^)
Makai by (^o^)
Makaryudo by Drkelexo
Maki by Ehnyd
Makoto by Nhk
Manute by Rei•elm
Maraiah by Rei
Marco Rossi by Ahuron
Mari by Duck@ss & Dj Hannibalroyce
Marrow by Buyog & Ryou Win
Mars People by Websta
Mary by Ehnyd
Masamichi Oyama by (^o^)
Master Barnes by (^o^)
Master Huang by Kenshinhimura
Matlok Jade by Xinos
Maxima by Beppu
Mecha-gorilla by Nrf
Mega Man by Felicity
Mega Tigerzord by Redline
Megumi by Rikard
Mexican Typhoon by O Ilusionista
Michael Jackson by Ryuui Sinyongkwon
Michael Jordan by Exclamation_question
Michelangelo by Dcat Power
Micky by Ns
Midknight by Juan Carlos
Mike Haggar by (^o^)
Milan Flare by Mass
Mileena by Omegapsycho-mk
Ming Ming by Xcb
Miopinja by Ngi
Missing Iq Gomes by (^o^)
Missingno. by The_none
Mista by Amarimono
Mitsuji Tanimati by (^o^)
Miu_kurosaki by Doruzi
Mizoguchi by Kamekaze
Mizuchi by Websta
Mobo by Roysquadrocks
Mondu the Fat by Melvanainchains
Morrigan by Phantom.of.the.server
Motaro by Omegapsycho-mkboss
Mr. Bear by The_none
Mr.big by Ikaruga
Mr.heart by Rei
Mr.heart by the Magic Toaster
Mr.karate2 by Beppu
Mr.karate by Cirio
Mr. X by Seanaltly
Ms. Fanservice by Drkelexo
Mudman by Omegapsycho
Muhammad Ali by Exclamation_question
Mukai by Syu Takazaki
Mukuro by Ahuron
Mukuro by Rei
Musashi by Melvanainchains
Mysterious Budo by (^o^)
Nakoruru by Phantom.of.the.server
Nameless by Ahuron
Narayan Maxime by Ryanide, Edited by Meldo
Necro by Umihei
Needles Kane by Varia31
Nega Joe by Kamekaze
Nega Ryo by Kamekaze
Neodio by Jin
Neokyo 71113 by Sander71113
Ninja by Masukenpu-kun
Ninja Megazord by Redline
Ninjaslayer by Fu-lin
No-name by Rien
Noah by The_none
Nool by Gal129
Norimaro by Ahuron
Noroko by Andres Borghi
Number Muncher by Dj Hannibalroyce
Ohga by (^o^)
Olof by Meka
Omega Red by Iwakick
Omega Shingo by Ahuron
Oni Inomura by Infinite
Orc by Ikaruga
Order-sol by Muteki
Oro by Umihei
Ortega by Dick Buckus
Oswald by Ikaruga
Ouyang Feng by Ngi
Ox by (^o^)
Peijin-san by Masukenpu-kun
Peketo by Andres Borghi
Petshop by Rei
Phobos by Misao
Piccolo by Choujin
Pielle by (^o^)
Pielle by Kamekaze
Pocket Shin Akuma by Phantom.of.the.server
Pon by Cannon Musume
Poochy by Shimon
Pope Benedict by the Magic Toaster
Possessed Heita by The_none
Potemkin by Muteki
Predator by Hsr
Prosciutto by Amarimono
Psychopath Kyo by Drkelexo
Psylocke by Whitemagic2002
Pualpheonix by Chuchoryu, Violently Butchered by Meldo
Pucca-toppo by Masukenpu-kunz
Pulse-k by Masukenpu-kunz
Pupazz by The_none
Pure and Fur by Gladiacloud & Beximus
Pyron by Vanity13
Q-bee by Misao
Q by Umihei
Quack by the Magic Toaster
R.king by Kamekaze
R.mika by Warusaki3
Radel by Ryo 2005
Raditz by -whiplash-
Raiden by (^o^)
Raiden by Omegapsycho-mk
Rainbow by Ngi
Rain by Omegapsycho-mk
Ralf by Infinite
Ralf by Vans
Ramda by Ikaruga
Ramon by Sander71113
Randy by Alexei Roschak (kenshinx0)
Rangle by Ankokunaitou
Raphael by Dcat Power
Rasetsumaru by Ali
Rasputin by Darkside Joe
Rasputin by Mouser
Rayden by Patrick Ching(pneophen)
Ray Mcdogall by (^o^)
Red Ranger by Alexei Roschak
Reggie Skatore by Melvanainchains
Rei by Ahuron
Reject No. 253 by Kamekaze
Remi by Mass
Remy by Umihei
Ren Idagawa by Jango + The_none
Reptile by Omegapsycho-mk
Requiem Giorno(amaai) by ‚ ‚ü‚è‚à‚ì
Resistance by Ikaruga
Rick Simpsons by (^o^)
Rick Strowd by Nhk
Rick Strowd by Tora
Rick Taylor by Otz-kai
Rikuo by Splode
Rila by Drkelexo
Rip Saber by (^o^)
Road Runner by Dj Hannibalroyce
Robert by Ikaruga
Robinmask by (^o^)
Robo-jam by Ukege
Robo-ky by Ukege
Robo by Roysquadrocks
Robo Rock by Y.y
Robo Rock Type-2 by Y.y
Robot Steven by Tmc55 & D, the Red Cloak
Roche by Mass
Rock by Ikaruga
Rock by Warusaki3
Rocky Balboa by Jessica Smoke
Roger by D the Red Cloak
Rogue by Splode
Rolento by Rei
Roll by Hsiehtm
Ronald Mcdonald by Kishio
Roomi by Ali
Rose by Ehnyd
Rouga Zanma by Kamekaze
Rouwe by Masa
Roy Wilson by (^o^)
Rubber Soul by Bad Darkness
Ruby Heart by Kamekaze
Rugal by Ahuron
Rugal by Kamekaze
Rugal by Warusaki3
Ryo-sakazaki by Brown
Ryo by Ikaruga
Ryo by Warusaki3
Ryofu by Shimon
Ryoko Kano by Adamskie
Ryo Mr Karate by Ikaruga
Ryo Sakazaki by Masa
Ryu by Ikaruga
Ryu by Nrf
Ryu by Phantom.of.the.server
Ryu by Umihei
Ryuhi by Ankokunaitou
Ryuko by Kamekaze
S.p.o. Ryu by Rikard
Sabretooth by Kamekaze
Sabrewulf by Shift B is B
Sagat by Kamekaze
Sagat by N64mario84
Saibamen by Balthazar + The_none
Sai by Mikita
Saiki by Or2=3
Saisyu by Ikaruga
Saisyu by Vans
Saizo by Ryo 2005
Saizo by Shimon
Sakazaki Ryo by Byakko
Sakura by Ikaruga
Sakura by Kamekaze
Sakura by Phantom.of.the.server
Sandman by Mccready & Loganir
Santaurus by Ngi
Sasquatch by Sander71113
Sasuke by (^o^)
Sas_counter by Armin_iuf
Scorp by Dick Buckus
Scorpion by Kazmer13
Scorpion by Omegapsycho-mk
Sean by Dick Buckus
Sean by Rei
Segalow by The_none
Segata Sanshiro by the Mvc Champ
Senator by Elecbyte
Senator Lieberman by The_none
Sentinel by Xslaught
Sentro by The_none + Balthazar
Setsuna by Orochi Herman
Shadow by Aokmaniac13
Shadow Dio by Orochi Herman
Shadow Dio Fc by the Magic Toaster
Shadow Geist by Deman
Shadow Kouma by The_none
Shadow Sumou by 3ha
Shaky Jake by Melvanainchains
Shang Tsung by Melvanainchains + The_none
Shang Tsung by Omegapsycho-mk
Shaq by The_none
Shar-makai by Andres Borghi
Sheen by Gm
Sheep the Royal by (^o^)
Shen by Ikaruga
Shermie by Anjel
Shimo by Ikaruga
Shin Akuma by Phantom.of.the.server
Shingo by Ikaruga
Shinnosuke Kagami by Orochi Herman
Shinsaku Maekawa by (^o^)
Shin Vega by Kamekaze
Shion by Drkelexo
Shishimaru by Ali
Shishin by (^o^)
Shizumaru by Capuchino
Shogun Megazord by Redline
Sho Hayate by Ironjw
Sho Kamui by (^o^)
Shotoborg Mk. Ii by Kamekaze
Shredder by Dcat Power
Shuma-gorath by Basara-kun
Shura by Gm
Sieger by Warusaki3
Silkheart by Masukenpu-kunz
Silver Samurai by Corntortillas
Simple by Masukenpu-kun
Sissy by Chloe
Skate Hunter by Dcat Power
Skaxl Roa by Drkelexo
Skeleton by Zyriliss
Sketch Turner by Farengeit
Skullomania by Deman
Skullomania by Seanaltly&divinewolf
Slash by Inverse
Slayer by Muteki
Smoke by the Magic Toaster
Sodom by (^o^)
Sodom by Splode
Sokaku.m by 3ha
Sol by Muteki
Soldier by Ikaruga
Solis=r8000 by Mass
Sonic by Some Guy
Sonic by Veanko
Sonson by Ryou Win & Kong
Sonya by Omegapsycho-mk
Speed by Ns
Spider-man by Kong
Spinal by Shift B is B
Spiral by Luchini
Spy-dama by Fu-lin
Ssj Goku Z2 by Balthazar & Cybaster
Stevareno by Mass
Stingray by Infinite
Strawbelly Jam by Melvanainchains
Street Fighter is Boring You Idiots by the Doritos Factory
Strider Hiryu by Splode
Suave Dude by Masukenpu-kun
Sub-zero by Omegapsycho-mk
Sub-zero by Pneophen
Sukapon by Masa
Sumo by Masukenpu-kun
Sun Wu Kong by Melvanainchains
Superman by Hannibal/kal-elvis and Friends
Superman by Kamekaze
Super Mario by Shinryoga & Neoankh
Syous by Jc
Syouzan Matsuo by (^o^)
T.hawk by Omegapsycho
Tabasa by Nhk
Tails by Veanko
Tain-ren by Mass
Takuma by Ikaruga
Tamtam by Ali
Tane by Hh
Tao Jun by Yes
Tarochan by Masukenpu-kun
Tengu Gou Hibiki by (unknown)
Terry Bogard by Sander71113 & Maximillian J[e]nus
Terry by Gm
Terry by Ikaruga
Terry by Omegapsycho
Terry by Warusaki3
Terryman by (^o^)
Tesse by Nhk
Tetsu by Xcb
Thanos by The_none
Thawk by (^o^)
The Flash by Kamekaze
The Griffon by Gm
The Red Dragon by (^o^)
Thor by Loganir & Blackdragon
Thunder Megazord by Redline
Tia Langray by (^o^)
Tiffany Lords by Fervicante
Tiger by Dick Buckus
Titan the Great by (^o^)
Todo by Gal129
Todo by Rei
Toejam by Roysquadrocks
Toguro 100% by Kamekaze
Tony Won by Mitai Dake
Torao Onigawara by Nhk
Trigger by Mass
Trish Una by ‚ ‚ü‚è‚à‚ì
Tristan by Kamekaze
Trouble Man by Drkelexo
Tung Fu Rue by Masa
Tung Fu Rue by Websta
Tusk by Shift B is B
Twelve by Rei
Tyssa Willing by (^o^)
Ubu by Aiduzzi
Ukyo by Intense_mc
Ume by Hh
Umvc_fuha by Rel
Umvc_onix by Minoo&rel
Unber by the Magic Toaster
Unlucky Glauber by Ahuron
Uppercut by The_none
Urien by One Winged Angel
Urien by Umihei
Valgar by Ikaruga
Vanessa by Deuce
Vanilla Ice by Warusaki3
Vega by Masa
Vega by N64mario84
Vega by Rei
Vegeta Z2 by Balthazar & Cybaster
Venom by Muteki
Vergil by Bugya
Vice by Or2=3
Vice by Orochikof97
Victor by Cngsoft
Viga by Omegapsycho
Viper by The_none
Voltz by (^o^)
Vortz by (^o^)
W. Krauser by Masa
W.nut by Kamekaze
Wang-fu by Nrf
War by Kamekaze
Washizuka by Ikaruga
Well by Seannotly
Werleck by Ankokunaitou
White Buffalo by Shimon
Wolf by Ikaruga
Wolf by The_none
Wolverine by Sander71113
Wonder Woman by Loganir
Wong Fei Hung (Marital Masters) by (^o^)
Wong Fei Hung (Alien Challenge) by (^o^)
Wooden_doll by Rick
Wraith by (^o^)
Xavier Pendragon by Keioh and Juan Carlos
Xenomorph by Hsr
Xmcota Akuma by Masa
Yamazaki and Pals by Warusaki3
Yamazaki by Hh
Yamazaki by Sander71113
Yamazaki by Zzzasd
Yang by Kamekaze
Yashiro by Ahuron
Yashiro by Ikaruga
Yoshitora by Ohgaki
Young Geese by Ikaruga
Yuki by Ahuron
Yuki by Ohgaki
Yuki Fujiwara by (^o^)
Yun by Flowagirl
Yun by Umihei
Yun by Warusaki3
Yuri by Phantom.of.the.server
Yurika Kirishima by Fervicante
Yuusuke by Kamekaze
Z-akuma by N64mario
Zabel by Misao
Zagi by Ukege
Zangeese by 3ha
Zangief by Kamekaze
Zangief by Rei
Zangief by Sodonhid
Zangiefhd by Or2=3
Zangiefhd by Or2=3
Zankuro by Misao
Zantetsu by Nyankoro
Zappa by Muteki
Zeldia Human by (^o^)
Zeldia Monster by (^o^)
Zeppeli by Elecbyte
Zero by Marktwo_ism
Zhao-xyong by Cannon Musume

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