Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Fake World Tournament II

The Fake World Tournament II is the second annual Mugen AI tournament in which participants select a team of four characters to do battle in a traditional ladder format.

All you need to enter is to choose four unique characters from this list and put it in this form:

The name you want to be credited as
Your team name
Character 1
Character 2
Character 3
Character 4

Please copy and paste the character lines exactly as they appear in the list. You can send it to me on Tumblr or Discord if you share a chat server with me.

The tournament will be presented in a different format to last year. Each set of fights will be pre-recorded and uploaded on YouTube with a new fully fleshed out presentation. On a future date, the entire tournament will be presented live, complete with chat on synctube (or another similar service).

This tournament is entirely for fun, so try and choose characters you enjoy watching as opposed to cheesing it out with top tier characters. I can't really enforce this rule as 879 Mugen characters are impossible to balance, so consider it more of a guideline for making the tournament as fun as possible.


  1. Hey, amidweiz here (if my google account doesn't display correctly) and guess I'll enter a team for this

    Team cobbled out of the chaos
    1. Hugo by Gm
    2. Briaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan by Ahuron (I'm assuming it has it's AI patch by ikaruga)
    3. Cyclops by Kaz
    4. Sol by Muteki