Friday, 20 March 2015

The Fake World Tournament!

The Fake World Tournament is a MUGEN AI tournament where 16 people will make a team of four to participate in CPU fights. The owner of the winning team will win the following Steam games!

·         Surgeon Simulator 2013
·         Frozen Synapse
·         Dead Space
·         Legend of Grimrock
·         Scribblenauts Unlimited
·         Risk of Rain
·         Tower of Guns

The tournament will use a standard ladder system on Challonge. The team fights will be best 2 out of 3 and will be streamed on hitbox at a future date (advanced notice will be given on Tumblr). Footage of the fights will also be saved and uploaded onto my YouTube channel.

Only the first 16 people to send a team will make it into the tournament.
In addition to the list, there is a video that presents a slideshow of the character portraits. Use the video as a reference to check if the Raiden on the list is from either Fatal Fury or Mortal Kombat.


To participate send me a PM on Tumblr using the following template. Character names must be copied + pasted exactly as they appear on the roster list, including the author.

Your credited name:
Team name:
Character 1:
Character 2:
Character 3:
Character 4:


Q: Won't this be horribly unbalanced?
A: Its a Mugen roster of 667 characters, of course it'll be unbalanced.

Q: What’s stopping me from just choosing the most broken characters?
A: Nothing, really. But this tournament is purely for fun and having someone playing solely to win would be kind of lame. Pick characters you like, make a themed team, this is to celebrate the absurd matchups Mugen provides and embrace its dumb unbalanced nature. Besides, you might be surprised exactly who is and is not broken in the roster.

Q: If it’s just for fun then why is there a prize?
A: Because entering and watching a tournament when there’s something material at stake makes it even more fun.

Q: What if I want to critique your roster?
A: Don't. Thanks.

Q: Do all your characters have AI?
A: Most do, not all. Sorry, but it’s virtually impossible for me to separate them. You’ll just have to hope for the best. Note that some characters have had AI patches.

Q: Why does the roster list have typos in it?
A: It’s a long story that involves me not wanting to manually type out the entire thing, one character at a time.

Q: Is there anything that can give me an edge?
A: You can see my roster in action in this playlist. There’s over 13 hours of footage there, so have fun doing research.

Q: When exactly will the tournament be streamed?
A: Depends on how quickly people respond to this and what personal time I can get. I’ll let people know in advance when its happening though.

Q: What if I don’t want the steam games?
A: They’re game codes so feel free to give them to someone.

Q: How do I play? I thought Mugen doesn’t have netplay.

A: Just to make this clear- you’re choosing a team of four characters that’ll be controlled by AI. Its purely a spectator thing.

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