Thursday, 28 September 2017

Fake World Wrestling: Under Logic

'Under Logic' is the very first pay-per-view wrestling event with a twist- every match has a unique booker! As a participant in this event, it is your job is to design a single wrestling match to be the most entertaining! I hope to make Fake World Wrestling an annual event like I do my Mugen tournaments.

Much like real wrestling, the winner is mostly irrelevant- the important thing is to book a match that is as entertaining as possible. Big spots, fun characters and neck-and-neck pacing. Once you've set up your match, I will record video of the CPU fight in Fire Pro Wrestling World. The order of the matches will be randomized and given a PPV-like presentation which will be presented on YouTube.

There are two awards. The first is the match that garners the highest in-game match rating (out of 100%).

The second award is decided by an online vote to decide which match was the 'best'. Interpret that as you will.

Again, unlike my Mugen tournament you are NOT making a team to win a tournament, you are booking a wrestling match that'll be part of a PPV.

To make a match, please just use the following form:

Your (credited) name:
Match title:
Match type: Normal/Tag/Cage/Barbed Wire/Landmine/SWA/Gruesome/S-1/Battle Royal- Normal/First Win/Over Rope/Endless
Wrestlers: Maximum of 6, please indicate any teams for tag (Red/Blue)
(please copy + paste the workshop URL of each wrestler to ensure I'm using the right creation, also say if you want me to use a specific costume 1-4)

Submit these to me via Discord or Tumblr or any other means you can contact me with.


  • Normal Match: Standard match with no special rules.
  • Cage Deathmatch: The ring is surrounded by a steel cage. The first to climb over the top and escape (or pin the opponent) wins.
  • Barbed Wire Deathmatch: The ring is enclosed in electrified barbed wire that explodes on impact, causing huge damage and possibly bleeding.
  • Landmine Deathmatch: Landmines are set around the ring. If someone is thrown outside the ring, the landmines explode for massive damage. You can also set the landmines to go off at a fixed time.
  • SWA Rules Match: Our own homebrew rules (SWA=Spike Wrestling Association) that are a mix of pro wrestling and MMA. No fighting outside the ring, no pinfalls: Matches are determined by a ten-count or KO.
  • Gruesome (MMA) Fighting: 3-minute rounds fought in a 12-sided ring built for MMA matches.
  • Participants: Single, tag, 6-man tag, 8-man tag, mixed.

Battle Royal

  • Normal: Eliminated wrestlers are forced to leave the ring.
  • First Win: First pinfall wins the match.
  • Endless: Eliminated wrestlers stay in the ring and continue to fight.
  • Over-Rope: Any participant that is thrown over the rope is eliminated.
  • Timed: The match starts with two wrestlers and other participants enter at timed intervals.

  • More isn't always better. Big matches can be fun but consider most main events are one-on-one.
  • Gimmick matches aren't always the best either. Don't be Vince Russo!
  • If you do decide to use a gimmick, make sure its appropriate for the characters involved.
  • Try to think of a matchup that gives the opponents some kind of common-ground while still being somewhat unexpected. A completely random collection of characters is a waste of time.
  • The traditional setup of face and heel always works wonders, the audience loves to cheer the good guy and boo the villain.
  • Depending on the popularity of this event, I may create some extra awards to vote on such as ‘best story’, something to keep in mind.
  • You do not need to be familiar with Fire Pro or even wrestling in general- just browse the workshop and choose characters you like.
  • Don't know where to start with characters? Here's some advertising:

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